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Holidays in RajasthanShekhawati

Shekhawati, meaning the garden of Shekha, derives its name from Rao Shekha, its former ruler. Situated in the Delhi-Bikaner-Jaipur triangle, Shekhawati is a semi desert region in north Rajasthan. Known as the "Open art gallery of Rajasthan", this region is mainly famous for its amazing havelis richly painted and decorated. These havelis of Shekhawati in Rajasthan, India were built by the wealthy merchants of the past. They served as a measure of the prosperity and success of the merchants. The grander the haveli, the more prosperous the merchant was believed to be. This Shekhawati city guide will help you in further exploring this area.

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Tourist Attractions in Shekhawati
Havelis :
Haveli Shw, RajasthanThe beautiful and fascinating havelis of Shekhawati have proved to be a major tourist appeal. Striking architecture, graceful interiors and massive parapets of the havelis stand witness to the wealth and prosperity of the Marwari merchants. Adorned with exquisite murals and delicately latticed and carved windows, these havelis present an awe-inspiring sight. Almost every havelis is decorated with magnificent mirror work and paintings festooned with gold or silver leaf. During the old days, these wooden carvings and gold and silver paintings were assumed to be symbolical of the owner's status and wealth.

Dundlod :
Dundlod Castle Rajasthan Amongst the other places to see in Shekhawati, is the town of Dundlod, situated in the center of the Shekhawati region. The main attractions of the town are its fort and havelis, dating back to the 18th century. The famous havelis of Dundlod are Jagathia and Goenka havelis.

Jhunjhunu :
Rani Sati Jain Temple Jhunjhunu, RajasthanOffering peace and serenity to its visitors, is the town of Jhunjhunu. It is another town famous for its marvelously painted havelis. One of the known havelis is the Modi Haveli, housing some of the best paintings of the Shekhawati area. Then, there is also the Tibrewala Haveli, having numerous murals on it, along with colored glass windows. Amongst the other tourist attractions of Jhunjhunu, are Khetri Mahal (18th century), Bihariji Temple and Mertani Baori (step-well). All of these stand adorned with exquisite paintings.

Fatehpur :
Painting Fatehpur, RajasthanThe town of Fatehpur was once under the rule of the Muslim Nawabs. A historic town in Shekhawati, Fatehpur has some beautiful havelis. The famous Devra and Singhania havelis of the town are adorned with murals that are of Indo-western style. Another havelis, Goenka has brilliant frescoes paintings, with some of them depicting Lord Krishna.

Nawalgarh :
Nawalgarh Haveli RajasthanThe city of Nawalgarh that is located 30 kms southeast of Fatehpur has some of the finest artifacts of the Shekhawati region. The town with the largest number of Havelis from the Shekhawati region emanates the charm of ancient Rajasthani culture. The Havelis at the town are the mansions that boast of the beautifully engraved wooden gates and the painted walls. The walls of these Havelis cover a lot of stories in the shape of paintings. The most famous among them are the life sketches of Lord Krishna.

Mandawa :
Mandawa RajasthanThe medieval fort of Mandawa appears to be rising gradually on the horizon like a mirage. A painted arched gateway festooned with Lord Krishna and his cows leads to the market. A fine view of the town can be seen from the terrace of the citadel of Mandawa. Chokhani, Saraf, Goenka and Ladia havelis are the buildings worth visiting at least once.

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Shopping in Shekhawati

Shopping places in Shekhawati, Rajasthan can also provide you with some excellent furniture. Carved and decorated chests, chairs, cradles, low tables, stools, etc are very much preferred by the Shekhawati shoppers. There are numerous other utilities made up of wood like made-as-old furniture available in the city. Apart from these wooden items, the popular shopping items of Shekhawati include textiles, tie-dye fabrics, brass and iron scissors, metal utensils, bangles, etc.

How to Getting Shekhawati

How to Reach Shekhawati by Air: The nearest airport is at Jaipur, which is 150 km away.

How to Reach Shekhawati by Rail : Since the railway track that connects Delhi, Jaipur and Bikaner passes through Shekhawati, Shekhawati is well connected by trains also.

How to Reach Shekhawati by Road : Lots of buses and taxis ply between Shekhawati and other destination in Rajasthan owing to a good network of roads.
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